Answer One offers customized pricing and plans for every Answering service need

Each business or medical practice is unique in the services they offer and the needs they have. This is why our pricing is perfectly catered to fit your live answering service desires. We know how important it is to shape our services around you so that a single functioning entity is presented to your customer.

Call us now or simply fill out a contact form below to speak with one of our helpful agents who will discuss with you the services we provide. A “ball park” price will be given by the end of the call. Your customized plan will then be carefully formulated with our caring professionals in office to return to you an answer to your struggles. We reduce administrative cost and increase customer satisfaction.

The process is simple and pleasant with pleasing results. Let us prove to you that using our Tennessee and Kentucky—based answering service is the solution you have been waiting for!

And all at a cost lower
than you ever thought possible.
  • I have been using Answer One for over 7yrs. I have always had very good service. With having three offices and eight Physicians having someone you can trust is very important. Emails are sent to me in the morning showing what calls were handled the night before. Staff is friendly. If a problem does occurs it is handled quickly. My overall experience with Answer One has been very good.

    Rachelle, Internal Medicine
  • We have used Answer One for three years. We are quite satisfied with their knowledge and kindness that is extended to our customers and staff. I would recommend Answer One for your dedicated answering service!

    Sherry, Surgery Practice
  • Answer One has supported our medical practice answering service needs for the last 12 years and has played a key role in the relay of communication from hospital nurses to our physicians in a variety of settings.

    Rich, Hospitalist Group
  • Of all the answer services utilized since 1978, we have found Answer One to be reliable, have efficient service, and detailed reports sent by fax or email. Answer One is a 24 hour monitoring service with a local name, we couldn’t be happier.

    Jennifer, Apartment Group
  • Our organization has used Answer One as our answering service since 1999. With more than 900 terminally ill patients and their families trusting that they can reach our nurses, social workers and physicians in times of crisis 24 hours a day, it is paramount that we have a dependable service answering their calls. Answer One staff understand that our patients and families need to be a compassionate voice responding to their calls and efficiency in connecting them with their hospice nurse or physician. Answer One is a valued vendor of our organization that I consider part of our hospice team.

    Susan, Hospice Services